If you haven’t heard of CodeRVA Regional High School, then you’ve been living under a rock! Richmond’s newest non-profit regional high school builds on next generation high school models that rethink the use of time and space, leverage technology to personalize and accelerate learning and redesign curriculum to align with competency-based progressions. Focused on computer science, the school will offer the opportunity to complete high school requirements through a combination of blended (online and face-to-face) learning, integrated coursework, and project-based learning.

Fall 2017, CodeRVA started their first class of students from all over the Greater Richmond Area. And to kick off their school season, we collaborated with their founders to produce their first fundraising event!  It was a great night focused on meeting the students, learning about the processes of opening, and hearing from those who played a huge part in opening the doors of this amazing school.

A big thank you to Michael Simon Photography for snapping all of the special moments and how fun these students and their teachers are!



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