As we begin to settle into the new year, we can’t help but sit back and reflect on some of our favorite groups of 2016…one of the most memorable being the crazy cool, heart warming retreat with East Coast Entertainment! This particular event will forever have a special place in Kendall’s heart since it was her very first event booked from start to finish with us just weeks after coming on board!

Speaking of trips down memory lane, this was a pretty unforgettable retreat for ECE as well. They were coming back to the city where it all started to celebrate 40 years of business and surprise their team with their brand new logo and marketing design which was huge.

The swanky Courtyard Marriott Downtown was their hub during the retreat, and was the perfect location for the historic, upbeat vibe they were going for. The retreat kicked off at 7 Hills Brewing Company where ECE employees from all over the east coast reunited for a night of delicious bar food, stiff drinks and good times. The following day was filled with an exciting general session where they introduced their brand new logo, and then moved on to a very special awards dinner where they commemorated the late Dennis Huber and all the integral people who have made ECE what it is today. After a touching dinner, the evening was capped with an outrageously fun  jam session at Sine Irish Pub.

We can’t stress enough how much fun it was working with ECE. This group of incredibly talented people ended up feeling like family by the end of their stay and we’re so happy we could be a part of such a special retreat! Also, huge shoutout to David Abel for capturing so many great photos for us all to look back on- visit the gallery here!


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