When we think of Amanda and Jeff, my mind immediately wanders to a vision of NYC at night, the hustle and bustle of the city, the lights, the people, and the romance that comes with just being in there.  My friends who live there tell me that I have an overly romanticized idea of what living in NYC is really like.  Perhaps I should blame it on Carrie Bradshaw or my love of 90’s romantic comedies set in the Big Apple.

I was honored when Jeff and Amanda decided to hire our team to assist with the planning and coordination their New Year’s Eve wedding here in Richmond. Long distance planning is never easy for couples but with lots of emails, endless Facetime calls, and a few in-person visits, we got it all done and we knew that someone out there would want to publish these photos!  Ash Carr, the photographer, was able to get Amanda & Jeff’s wedding featured on Capitol Romance.


Click here to view the feature – we hope you enjoy!

Note: Don’t be confused when you see the name Lovebirds Events!  Glint Events was formerly known as Lovebirds Events, and recently rebranded to better serve all of our event clients, not just our happy couples!