We’re here to help you throw a New Years Eve Party to remember – even after the champagne! We know what is important to your guests and what will have them saying “I hope there’s another party next year!”

Dive into 2019 with us using these no fail party tips…

Groovin’ Gourmet | The Commoneer

Stick with easy finger foods that your guests will love – charcuterie platters are easy and beautiful, and make for the perfect early evening munchies!

Paisley and Jade | Mosaic Catering | Alex Tenser Photography

We’re suckers for some pretty signage – and we guarantee your guests will be too. Take your finger food buffet to the next level with a hand written (if you have good handwriting) menu.


Richmond Photobooth 

Try a photobooth or picture station! With fun NYE props and backdrops, you and your guests will have a hilarious and concrete memory of the evening. 


The Lighting Professors


Stephanie Yonce Photography | The Commonwealth Club

Lighting, lighting, lighting! It’s what sets the mood! If there was ever a time to hang that disco ball you’ve had sitting in the attic for years, this would be it! We also love string and bistro lights – the perfect amount of light and twinkle. 


Main Street Station | Ash Carr Photography

Don’t forget the champagne! Get a little extra fancy, make a focal point out of your champagne glasses and bring your night from dreary to glitzy. Everyone will know just where to go when that countdown starts.


Alex Tenser Photography | The Commonwealth Club

Grab a handful of fun party props for your guests to shake and toss when the New Year rings in! We love streamers, kazoos, pom poms, and noisemakers – just skip the glitter…

Take it from us…we know how to plan a party!