We have nothing but positive things to say about the successes that 2016 brought this team. Reflecting on the highlights puts quite a bit of pep in our step for this upcoming year.

Growing Team:

First and foremost is our brand new addition to the team, Kendall! The last four months could not have taken place without her. Her personality brings a light to the office every single day. Emily appreciates her OCD tendencies and organizational skills, while Kate knows who to call at 1am to help assemble name tags. This girl makes it happen. We know that with her on this Glint team, the possibilities are endless.

Our intern, Kate Pyle, was also a game changer this year. She whipped us into shape with her social media strategy and helped us tackle a number of major projects we continued to place on the back burner month after month.

More to come soon. Keep an eye out next week for another exciting blog post. There is some ground-breaking news that we have been dying to share with the social media universe…!

Corporate Events:

With the addition of Kendall, came an exponential growth in the number of corporate events we planned this year. To name a few…

East Coast Entertainment – We had the pleasure of planning ECE’s biannual retreat here in Richmond this year and we could not have asked for a funkier, more down-to-earth group to work with. From their happy hour kick-off at 7 Hills Brewing Company, to their heart-wrenching awards dinner at Sam Millers and the blow-out after-party and jam session at Sine – it was such a fun event to be a part of!

Capital One – When there are celebrations to be had, this group definitely knows how to do it up big! We worked with Capital One’s Marketing Department to plan a huge celebration for their employees, rewarding them not only for their success of 2016 but also giving them something to look forward to in the new year. We surprised everyone with a parking lot full of food trucks, a complete virtual reality experience, amusing digital caricaturists, and even introduced a number of throwback arcade games.

Fareva – A ribbon cutting ceremony with a French flare. Fareva, a French-based pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing company, just expanded their production services and did not hesitate to celebrate in style. Top VIP clients, executive members from all over the world and local dignitaries attended the affair. We were honored to be a part of planning such a paramount event.


Our couples. We feel so lucky to work with some of the kindest brides, grooms, parents, best men, uncles, neighbors, 2nd cousins-twice-removed – the list goes on and on. This year was full of precious moments, epic wedding decor, and 54 lovable sweethearts. We’ve also been working hard with our 2017 couples, and cannot wait to see everything pay off this upcoming year.

We can’t bring up our clients without mentioning the star-studded vendor teams that we worked with throughout the year. This industry is growing exponentially, and we are loving every minute of it! Our team continues to make new connections and meet new vendors. Working with other small businesses truly makes us feel like we have an endless supply of new coworkers.


Scott’s Addition is officially home. Yes, we have been located here for three years now. A few months back we toyed with the idea of switching it up, taking on a new location. In the end, we knew this up-and-coming neighborhood was still the perfect fit for our company culture and client atmosphere. There is so much support among the local businesses and we cannot wait to watch this little part of RVA continue to prosper.

Office Space:

It’s official – we kicked out the Boss Lady. Our team expanded and took over the West Wing of Highpoint & Moore. Prior to this, there were four of us working in a 10x15ft space…distracted much? Now Kate has her very own royal chamber. However, the coffee cup collection on her desk has yet to decrease (will report back at the end of 2017). Expansion meant an update was a necessity. Our team held a paint day, and this place looks good as new! Grey walls make all the difference. A few pillows, new desks and chairs for our expanding team, a rug here and there – we love that we get to call this place home!

The little things…

While we have hit a number of major milestones as a company this year, we cannot forget the minor moments and details that put a smile on our faces, or at least bring us a good chuckle after the fact.

  • That time Lauren Conrad Pinned an image from our styled shoot (see here). Thank you to The Proper Petal and Stephanie Yonce Photography for helping to make our teenage dreams come true.
  • When we realized every individual on our team was in possession of their very own set of the infamous Nate Berkus gold scissors.
  • Seeing the reaction on our bride’s face as we gifted her our very first client gift, #nostress. Current couples – keep an eye out!
  • IKEA delivery and assembly day. We know, it sounds crazy. While we certainly struggled in the moment, the achievement one feels after completing an IKEA filing cabinet is like nothing else.
  • Donuts all day, er’day. Thank you to those who contributed throughout the year. We couldn’t have made it through 2016 without you.
  • Drinking wine at Upper Shirley Vineyards for the first time – perfection!
  • Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful outdoor setting for a wedding. However, this past fall our couples set a record with not a single outdoor wedding reception. No rain plans = no problems.
  • Officially pulling off (well, maybe?) Jennifer Lopez status, introducing walkie talkies to our game day accessories. Yes, we are now those event planners with headsets and clipboards. #noshame
  • Watching the Perfect 10 Band in action. East Coast Entertainment for the win!
  • That one time we learned that command strips do not, I repeat, do not actually work for everything. Invest in real tools, folks. Sorry, Kendall. We know that was a laughable attempt at shelving installation.
  • Seeing our updated website for the first time. 50/50 – weddings/corporate.

Stay tuned for 2017 – big things to come!

-The Glint Team