Wedding Day Coordination

We’ve learned over the years that the most flawlessly executed weddings are a result of our involvement throughout the planning process. When we fully understanding our client’s vision and craft a creative team to bring that to life – it’s nothing but magic for everyone involved!

However, we do have a few options for couples who are looking for help during the final months of planning and on the wedding day:

Wedding Day Coordination:

We take on only three Wedding Day Coordination events each year. We’ll work with you to make sure the right creative partners and plans are laid so that we are able to easily step in, ensuring a flawless day for you and your guests. If we are not the right fit, we will connect you with someone who is!

These events are booked no more than 5 months before the wedding day and are subject to our availability and capacity.

The work begins 90 days out and includes a site visit, detailed documentation of the timelines and set up plans, coordination with all wedding day vendors, and our experienced team present for the rehearsal and the entire wedding day.

Snap Event Co.

Because of our limited capacity to take on Wedding Day Coordination events, we created a sister company – Snap Event Co. 

Created in 2018, Snap Event Co. provides high end, experienced wedding coordinators to couples in the Richmond Central Virginia area.

Leveraging gaps in our schedules, we work together to support couples looking for an easy peasy wedding day. Click here to learn more!